For sometime now, I have found it very difficult to understand how Archipalago managed to get over 100K views for his song titled ‘Megye’.

Even though he may be quite popular on social media,it beats my imagination because there are some established musicians who are just not able to get such views of their videos on YouTube.

Interestingly too, Archipalago is not a musician but he has managed to record 100K views. Careful observation I have made suggests that the high number of views he has recorded so far may be due to curiosity on the part of his fans and music lovers to find out if his song is good or not.

One fascinating observation that supports the curiosity debate is the fact that the song has recorded over 16K dislikes as compared to 1.5K likes.

What this suggests is that people based on their curiosity decided to listen to the song but later showed their dislike for the song after listening.

In as much as the song has recorded a huge amount of dislikes, Archipalago seems to be concentrating only on the number of views he has recorded so far.

Based on the views recorded, his confidence level has soared and ever since he released the song , he has been on a bragging spree to the extent of even claiming that he is even a better musician than the likes of Sarkodie and Stonebwoy.

That is not all, Archipalago is bent on releasing more songs and already, he has started prompting music lovers of the next single he is about to release.

According to him , the single is titled ‘Obaano’ and I wouldnt be wrong to suggest that the song may have been recorded already as he has noted that the song would be released on September 21,2019.

For now I am very curious to find out if the second song would record a huge number of views on YouTube as well as a staggering figure of dislikes as compared to a little amount of likes.

As a matter of fact, September 21, 2019 is just few days away and when ‘Obaano’ is released, we would get to know how it would fare.

Can we even say Archipalago is a musician? Is ‘Megye’ even enjoying radio airplay to the extent of even getting nominated in any awards scheme?

Time will definitely tell.