Efia Odo

Ghanaian Slay Queen and Actress, Efia Odo has reacted to a trending Video of Ghanaians Locked up in Libyan Cells, nanansem.com can report.

Efia Odo
Efia Odo

Interestingly not everyday is bikini slay day for Efia Odo, sometimes it is a compassionate day for her, nanansem.com reports.

In this regard, today she is calling out the Ghanaian government and politicians to do better for Ghanaian citizens.

The actress addressed this topic after she chanced on a video of some Ghanaians imprisoned and wailing in Libya.

The actress said :

“ Excuse my face, I was in tears after watching the horrible things that African men and women have to go thru just to look for a better life.
I’m not in any shape of form attacking any personality, in only attacking the manner in which they treat their citizens. NO ONE WOULD WANT TO LEAVE IF WE WERENT FORCED TO LEAVE. AFRICA IS RICH BUT ITS PEOPLE ARE POOR!!”

“I’m sorry that I have to post this, and I’m sure it’ll be nothing but a post to most of you, but my heart is bleeding as I watch this video. These are HUMANS caged up like sardines in Libya. I don’t know if our leaders are in the known but all I can do is post this. THIS IS THE BIGGER PROBLEM not me wearing a fukn bikini. Please @nakufoaddo help my brothers in Libya to at least get medical attention/ care.”

Well, this said trending video below shows how Ghanaians are locked up and heavily packed in a Libyan Prison, nanansem.com can report.

Our sources tell us that they were detained by the Libyan Police when they tried to Migrate through Libya.

From the Video , these migrants were wailing and pleading for help from Ghanaians back home.