Ghana Police

A middle aged Man was battled by the Kasoa Police yesterday at the GCB bank in Kasoa after he threatened to shoot everyone around the banking hall, report.

In a viral Video sighted by, an irate man who was presumed to be mad yesterday stormed the Kasoa GCB branch, threatening to kill everyone if the bank doesn’t give him all the money he has with the bank.

The man who was sighted with a gun, used a megaphone to broadcast his message to the People around the bank, sighted.

The police around sensing danger quickly approached the man and asked him to drop the weapon, he was holding.

From the Video , the man then chased one policeman who also took to his heels threatening to shoot him.

The other police officers then gave warning shots to scare him away but the man still threatened to shoot the officer.

The Policeman been chased then quickly turned and held the gun the man had which was quite a horrifying

scene .

After a strong battle with the man , other people joined to help the Policeman defeat and arrest the man who was very strong, sighted.

Watch the Video below :