Fred Pappoe

The aspirant for Ghana Football Association (GFA), Fred Pappoe has revealed that the officiating structure in the Ghana Premier league needs new structures and for this to happen the military-style of officiating should be added.

The former GFA Vice president’s assertion comes at the back of corrupt practices among officials of the local league which was showcased in the Number 12 Documentary investigated by renowned investigative journalist Anas.

According to Fred Pappoe, the role of corrupt referees in the Number 12 Documentary has contributed to the current state of the various leagues in Ghana.

“I believe we need to create some kind of competition because nothing prevents us.

“We have the security services and coming to the issues of referees I don’t see why we cannot approach the military.

“We can approach the leadership and make a plea for between 40 to 60 volunteers to be trained under a crash program from FIFA and CAF so we add them to the stock we have.

“We are all Ghanaians and we don’t need to run away from the fact that we behave differently when we see soldiers.

Soldiers also by virtue of their training are very disciplined,” he revealed on The Tracker on Citi TV monitored by

Pappoe said that the introduction of the military referees will exert some force on the existing officials in the game to improve their performance.

This idea forms a slice of his main manifesto which seeks to chart a path for the re-branding of Ghana Football.