Father of renowned Musician Beyoncé , Mathew Knowles on Wednesday spoke about being diagnosed with breast cancer and encouraged other men who have it to speak out about this issue. The interview was pretty emotional for him. He received the news this summer, after noticing recurring bloodstains on his shirts and bedsheets.

The 67year old was caught by surprised when he was diagnosed with breast cancer. He said

Of all the things I could get why this? And from a man’s perspective why me?

The father of Beyoncé and Solange said he’s doing really good after having a surgery in July and said the experience has changed his life and made emphasis on quitting alcohol and working out regularly.

He also said,

The rest of my life I have been very aware and conscious and I’m happy that I detected this earlier. Adding that his family has been very supportive and they’ve all been tested too.

According to the National Breast Cancer foundation, less than 1% of all Brest cancer cases develop in men, and only 1 out of 1000 get diagnosed with the disease.

He then ended by saying as October Is National breast cancer awareness month he would like to encourage men with the same disease to come out so they receive help when it’s detected early and that they shouldn’t be embarrassed about the disease.

Jeffrey Nkansah Boateng.

Source: Nanansem.com