Angel Di Maria disclosed that the speech delivered by Lionel Messi after Argentina was defeated by Brazil at the Copa America this summer made everyone cry.

Messi captained Argentina in the tournament but they lost 2-0 to Brazil in the semifinals on July 3 before going on to finish third. 

He stated,”Lionel Messi said some beautiful words when we were eliminated by Brazil.He told us he was proud of the we built.

”That we had not been together much as some had not been called to the senior team before.Yet,it felt as if we had been together for some years.”

“He said that we had all rowed in the same direction from the first day. That he was very proud of the youngsters for their commitment to this jersey and if they were there and gave what they gave at the Copa America, it was because they are more than deserved to be there.

“The young players are the ones that have to carry on in the same path. It will not be easy for them. They will have to work and continue giving their all as sooner or later, luck will be on our side.”

“When he finished, everyone was in tears because it touched everyone’s hearts, especially the youngsters.

”Messi has often been criticized by his country men.Others saying he does not sing the national anthem and even Argentina great Diego Maradona said Messi lack personality and hence does not deserve to lead the team.”

Di Maria has played for Argentina since 2008 and just like Messi, is yet to win a trophy with the senior team.

According to sources of, Messi is currently serving a three-month ban from international football and will only be able to return to play for Argentina on Nov. 3 after losing an appeal to have the punishment reduced.And was also fined $50,000 in August after accusing South America’s government for football of corruption during the Copa America.