Pastor Emmanuel, 34 years old ,has been arrested for using an electric iron to torture a 10 years old boy.The pastor, is said to be working with the Eagles Prophetic Gospel Centre in Gombe State Of Nigeria.

The pastor is accused of child cruelty for inflicting physical injuries on Daniel James. The pastor accused his victim of theft, hence the cruel punishment meted out on him.

The pastor disclosed to the public that James,the 10 years old is a son of an ex-prostitute who became a born again Christian.

Pastor Emmanuel said, James committed a crime of stealing, which has been his character. So, that day, He decided to use another method of punishment by using the electric iron to threaten him and which he mistakenly burn him. And hence made a mistake of not reporting him to the police. he always report the boy’s character to the mother but nothing seems to change so he decided to punish the boy on his own way.

He added that he took the kid to come and live with him after the church helped his mother find a place to lay her heard and a business to sustain herself and her elder son who is 19 years old.

Spokesperson of the Police, Obed Mary Malum confirmed that the suspect has confessed to using a hot electric iron to burn the boy in different parts of his body. The police says the Pastor will soon be prosecuted in court.