Nadia Buari

A recent post by the seasoned Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari,as sighted by on Instagram, showed her posing in a classy all black attire with her protruding belly showing.

Her caption on the popular social media platform had a caption that was not straight to the point but definitely meant what the picture showed. This has sparked Instagram theories by some of her followers.

Some of her funs are speculating that it could be a scene for a movie she is shooting abroad. Others too are convinced that she is actually pregnant. See her Instagram caption below.

One renowned movie actor in Nigeria who goes by on Instagram with the handle @mofeduncan even made it known in the comments section of the actress’s IG page that he saw her not too long ago and he is sure that she didn’t have a pregnant belly showing.

This draws a mark of confusion  if the photograph is a recent one or not.

If the picture which the actress posted on Instagram is true, then it will be her fifth child or probably children.  Nadia Buari is known to be secretive when it comes to her family life.

Back in 2015, Nadia Buari went missing off the movie screens where much was not heard off about her. It was later revealed that she had been at that time, pregnant and gave birth to twins.

The following years has seen her giving birth to more kids without her flaunting it in the public’s eye.

Time they say will surely tell If her pregnancy is real or not. Until then, wishes her the best of luck.