Lawyer Ntim and Akrobeto

It was a hilarious Moment when Lawyer Ntim met Kumawood Act, Akrobeto on his News Show, the ‘Real News’.

In a viral Video sighted by, the Kejetia Vs Makola, Lawyer, was seen narrating how the Police officers beat up the young man who was allegedly accused of Stealing Gh¢1600.

According to the lawyer , the last time he saw someone been beaten like that was in a ‘Jesus Film’ , that made Jesus Shout ‘Eli Eli Sala Malekum’.

All knowing , Akrobeto who was also the news reader decided to correct him.

He also said, it was rather ‘Eli Eli Eli Samara Latali’- that is a Hebrew Word’ , He added.

Most people who have sighted this hilarious Video were left with no other Option than to laugh out hard.

Watch the Video Below: