Ghanaian female broadcast journalist , Gifty Anti has join in on the ongoing debate about BBC Africa’s upcoming investigative documentary on sexual harassment universities in West Africa.

‘‘S£x For Grades’’, the explosive undercover documentary which was premiered on Monday, October 7 focuses on university lecturers who sexually harass students in the various universities of West Africa.

Commenting on the issue, Gifty Anti said some female lecturers also request for sex from male students.

She took to Instagram to say people shouldn’t be shocked because it has been happening in some basic and secondary schools in Ghana.

Gifty Anti further revealed that some teachers in a school in the Brong-Ahafo region even share female students in primary six before they graduate to the Junior High School.

She concluded that our country is sick and we need to find a cure, right now.


By Oheneyere Gifty Anti.

In fact we have long gone pass the period of Naming and Shaming.

And I am glad, some are boldly doing it now.

Sex for Grades in Tertiary institutions and you are shocked? Are you kidding me?

My dear, it is happening in primary, JHS and SHS. It started long ago and when we talked about it we were told we are ‘demonizing’ teachers and lecturers.

Listen, there are very good teachers/lecturers and I have male and female tutors who give me information all the time, about what is going on.

I am tempted to post the recent one about some teachers in a school in the Brong/Ahafo area who actually ‘share’ the Primary 6 girls before they get to JHS 1. So by the time they get there, the teachers know ‘who belongs to who’. Such nonsense. Such evil.

And oh by the way, it’s not only male teachers who demand sex for grades. Some female teachers do the same. And the victims of such demonic people in authority are both male and female.

So yes, some male and female teachers and lecturers and ‘bosses’ are demanding sex from both male and females.

We are in trouble, because we have given too much power to teachers and lecturers to determine the destiny of our young ones.

We base potential success in life on what grades you get while in school. So some of these tutors hold our young ones hostage.

Our country is sick and we need to find a cure, RIGHT NOW.”

Gifty Anti is a native of Cape Coast in the Central Region but was born and bred in Tema, the Greater Accra Region of Ghana.