S3x For Grades

A Lecturer at the Institute for Distance and e-Learning at the University of Education, Winneba ,Counsellor Fenyi has trashed the “Sex for grades” investigative report recently aired by the British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC) Africa eye.

In his critics, he described the investigative documentary as a trash and must be deposited in the dustbin.

Counsellor Fenyi commented that the investigative piece from the BBC was unprofessional and a trap to disgrace African lecturers, nanansem.com can report.

According to his assessment about the documentary as sighted by nanansem.com, the Counselor revealed that the BBC operatives, first approached the male lecturers and lured them into some form of relationship where they victimized.

Counsellor Fenyi commented that there were no instances where a lecture was filmed having sex with a student or fixing results in the documentary adding that the evidences were conversations.

Counsellor Fenyi censured the BBC for failing in their investigative report and advised them to use real students for the such work.

In one of his recent write up quoted that “It’s about time the Black show the West that they can’t come here, embarrass us and interfere in our matters as they did some years ago. I encourage the lecturers to take the matter up and bring the BBC down. Days of colonialism are Over. This is no case!,” he cautioned.

Counsellor Fenyi insisted that the issue of sex abuse and harassment is an offence according to the Constitution hence this case should have been reported to the police for the necessary actions to be taken and not to be aired.