Fella Makafui

Actress Fella Makafui and Boyfriend Medikal never cease to amaze their followers and Fans on Instagram about their Love Life, nanansem.com can report.

With their constant Controversial posts and acts, the duo have always caused followers to be Jealous of them.

In a recent act as sighted by nanansem.com , Fella Makafui known as the ‘King of Queens’ on instagram has deleted all photos of her herself and Medikal except three of them.

All three pictures left are those which capture she and her boyfriend, Medikal.

Most people who usually visit her gallery have raised concerns as to why the Former ‘Yolo Actress’ would do that and pray their relationship is not on the Verge of Collapsing.

Well , we believe the reason for doing that is best known to her.

See a screenshot below :

Fella Makafui Instagram