Liverpool youngster Harvey Elliott has been banned from all domestic football for 14 days after an investigation into video footage in which he appeared to mock Harry Kane. came across An FA statement that declared: “Harvey Elliott has been suspended from playing in all domestic club football for 14 days, running up to and including 24 October 2019, after admitting a breach of FA Rule E3 concerning a video posted on social media and providing a public apology.

“Language and/or behavior in the video breached FA Rule E3(1), as it was abusive and/or insulting, and constituted an ‘Aggravated Breach’, which is defined in FA Rule E3(2), as it included a reference to a disability.

“The Liverpool FC winger must also complete a face-to-face education course and pay a £350 fine.”

In a video, previously posted on Snapchat during the Champions League Final in June, Elliott appeared to be making a mockery of Kane.

In the FA regulatory commission’s findings, they indicate that “It appears clearly from this that the player was attempting to impersonate Harry Kane in a critical way and insulting way.”

Watch the video below:

Elliott disclosed in his letter to the FA, dated August 8, he filmed the video and agreed to have said: “I’m Harry Kane and I’m a f*cking mong”.

The regulatory commission state: “The player stated that he used the term “fcking mong” as he understood it to be an insulting way to call someone a “fg idiot” but was not aware until it was later explained to him, where the word “mong” originates from.

The footage became knowledgeable in July, after which Elliott issued an apology.

He wrote on Instagram: “I would just like to wholeheartedly apologize for any offense caused on the back of a video of me currently circulating on the internet.

 “The video was taken while messing around with friends in a private environment and was not directed at any individual but I realize that my actions were both immature and senseless.

 “I would like to stress that the contents of the video do not represent who I am as a person or how I’ve been brought up, and I am truly sorry.”

Harvey Daniel James Elliott is an English footballer who plays as a winger for Liverpool. Elliott made his first-team debut for Fulham in September 2018, becoming the youngest player to play in the EFL Cup, aged 15 years and 174 days.