You must be really special if today happens to be your birthday. You really are because you have Slim Busterr featuring Sonni Bali on a song just for you. Yes, just for you.

The performer/producer titles his 5th released single “Happy Birthday To You” and he features one of Ghana’s finest acts, Sonni Bali and that makes your birthday gift today really special.

Just as announced a week ago, Slim has dropped both audio and visuals for the song on all music distribution and streaming platforms with visuals on his official channel on YouTube.

“Birthdays are really special days in the lives of every love one and must be marked as such. I did this song for my fans and every music lover out there just to appreciate their support for me all these years.

To remember the day your husband, wife, brother, sister, friend, divine helper or parents appeared on earth truly comes with some special feelings. Let’s just celebrate.” he stated.

Want to sing or dance to a birthday song? Then you just got served.