Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson unfortunately descended into the gutters when she verbally assaulted a gentleman on social media for seeking her opinion on the Legon girl who beat a guy with a Chale Wote for allegedly cheating on her.

The gentleman who uses the name Dr.Ayigbe Borla Bird simply asked Lydia Forson ,’Hi @ Lydia Forson, what’s ur take on this lady beating a guy with slipper?’.

This simple question got Lydia Forson angry .She noted that the gentleman should be careful of the nickname he has chosen for himself adding that he is acting like a Borla bird and dirtying himself by exposing his ignorance.

She further asked the gentleman if he is so stupid to know if its wrong for any human being to hit someone.

This reaction from Lydia Forson is quite unfortunate and needs to be condemned. Probably she could have managed the gentleman by not uttering a single word but she went ahead to indirectly insult the gentleman.

Later on , she commented on the issue.