Incredible actor,Tweneboah Kodua Popularly known as Abusuanpanyin Judas has finally revealed the cause of his friend Bob Santos death.

Bob Santo, otherwise called John Evans Bosompi, kicked the bucket at the West End Clinic in Kumasi, at around 3 am on Thursday, 30 May 2002 at the age of 67.

After Santo’s demise, bits of gossip were encompassing the reason for his demise.

Some individuals claimed he passed on because of swallowing cocaine on his approach to Germany where he had a show.

All things considered, 17years after his demise, his closest companion, and partner, Judas have rubbished the charges.

In an interview with Kwaku Manu as monitored by, Judas revealed that Santo was ill two months after their stay in Germany.

He revealed, that the specialists in Germany predicted Santo’s death because the disease was so serious that it had gotten to its delicate stage.

Watch the video below:

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