Even before Vimboy had his first single ‘My Time ‘ released, it was all over social media that AMG Business’ Criss Waddle is the one handling the young talent.

That perception was substantiated when the single was eventually released but the release of the music video for ‘My Time’ has raised concerns as to whether its indeed AMG Business handling Vimboy or it’s a collaboration with Shatta Wale’s SM4LFY.

This is because in the video both AMG Business and SM4LYF are given credit for the release of the music video.

In as much as it was Criss Waddle of AMG Business who discovered and decided to help Vimboy to become a star, what role does Shatta Wale’s SM4LYF got to do with the release of Vimboy’s music video and his music career as a whole?

Time will definitely tell as nanansem.com digs into this development. Just watch out for the update.

Check out the video: