Ghanaian musician, Quamina MP has revealed that ever since he had the hit song ‘wiase ye de’ , his life has changed tremendously.

According to him, when he moved from Mankesim to Accra ,he had to sleep at a printing press but now ,he has been able to rent a place of his own.

Quamina MP also noted that he used to feed on 20 Ghana cedis a day but now ,he is even able to afford a bag rice and sometimes eats and has leftovers.

Quamina MP made these shocking statements in an exclusive interview with Deloris Frimpong Manso a.k.a Delay on the Delay Show.

He also recounted how he released the ‘wiase ye de’ song and gradually it blew out to become a hit song in the country.

Quamina MP also spoke about how he had dropped out of the Ghana Telecom University after two years due to financial constraints.