Kumasi-based Rapper , Rap Fada has made a huge revelation about movie producer and former Ghanaian musician, Kobi Rana.

According to him, Kobi Rana nearly slept with him whilst he was asleep during a visit.

Rap Fada stated that he once invited Kobi Rana to his house but during a conversation with him he fell asleep only to wake up to find Kobi Rana all over him to the extent of trying to hold his manhood.

When he registered his displeasure about what Kobi Rana had wanted to do to him, Kobi Rana stepped out of his room and has not laid eyes on him ever since.

Rap Fada also touched on his relationship with Ogidi Brown and how come they are not really in good terms as at now as well as the behavior of Fameye towards him.