As a matter of fact, no song can currently be tagged as the Official Xmas Banger for 2019 but has chanced upon a song yet-to-be released that would blow instantly and serve as the official Xmas banger. can authoritatively confirm that it has in its capacity, a new song titled ‘Ye Ko Di’ by Reggie Zippy and Bollie which features Dada Hafco, Flowking Stone, Ephraim and Drums(formerly known as Atumpan).

Considering the likes of Reggie Zippy ,Bollie , Dada Hafco, Drums,Flowking Stone and Ephraim on a song, the only think you need to expect is a hit song.

Individually, all these artistes are able to churn out hit songs at anytime and as such , never doubt the impact ‘Ye Ko Di’ would make on the music scene.

For your information, highlife artist, Dada Hafco delivered a perfect rap verse on the song. can also confirm that ‘Ye Ko Di’ is set to be officially released in Ghana on Thursday December 5,2019 even though the song was recorded by Ephraim about a month ago in London and mixed by DDT.

Just stay glued to for more updates or a possible leak of the song .