Alhassan Yussif Ayuba

Reports reaching us at have it that Electoral Officer for the Bole District in the person of Mr. Alhassan Yussif Ayuba and his driver also identified as Basiru Kojo have lost their lives in a ghastly accident.

Details of the incident are still blurry, however, according to what was reported by the Bole-based Nkilgi FM, bothy driver and EC official were traveling from Tamale and upon getting to Kusawgu, the vehicle was involved in an accident.

“A vehicle had already been involved in an accident at the same scene but while they were coming, the driver did not notice but by the time he realized, they were almost hitting the parked vehicle. He tried to swerve and the pick-up somersaulted”, an eyewitness said.

These reports also indicate that the vehicle together with the two deceased persons and a policeman who is noted to be a critical condition had gone to cart electoral materials from Tamale for the forthcoming District level elections.