Victoria Lebene and Yvonne Nelson

Twitter was set ‘ablaze’ when Actress Yvonne Nelson made a controversial statement on her timeline, can report.

Reacting to Female celebrities that were ‘ignored’ by American Rapper , Cardi B, Yvonne Nelson Posted;

”Know Your Worth”

One twitter user who found Yvonne Nelson’s tweet annoying and disrespectful replied her harshly .

His reply read : “know ur worth. So ur worth is having a baby for a married man? Wo tw3*”.

The harsh reply from the twitter user didn’t go down well with Yvonne Nelson who got very pissed. She lost her cool and threw jabs left and right.

Well, Eugene Osarfo Nkansah who is a blogger and also the husband of Actress Victoria Lebene also shared a screenshot of the shade the twitter user gave to Yvonne Nelson, can report.

Yvonne Nelson turned her anger and wrath to the Blogger.

Victoria Lebene could no watch her husband take bashes from Yvonne Nelson without speaking out. She also tweeted:

“If we all decide to be opinion leaders, then we should be ready to receive opinions, regardless of the sensitivity. People’s opinions cannot be controlled, that’s the sad part.”

This threw Yvonne Nelson completely off. She angrily called Lebene and her husband a “bunch of losers”. She sarcastic prayed Lebene’s marriage last, her children get respected and she herself received respect in her marriage.