Everything about relationship as of late is confused; you begin to look all starry eyed at somebody and following two or three months, the affection begins to blur away step by step and afterward you both become outsiders like you never knew one another.

One big name relationship individuals never expected to reach a sudden conclusion is that of Fella and Medikal; the two looked particularly indistinguishable with each and every post and activity of theirs.

While some people think it’s just one of their publicity stunts, others think it’s real and the two are done for good.

Patapaa has also added his voice to the breakup between the two former love birds (Medikal and Fella Makafui).

In a latest post by Patapaa, he captioned a picture that had himself and girlfriend saying they should remember they were once happy together like them. The post could probably be one that teases or a piece of advice to Medikal and Fella, depending on how it is interpreted.

Check out a screenshot of the post below: