Ofori Amponsah

In an interview monitored by nanansem.com, Highlife legendary, Ofori Amponsah finally revealed that Highlife legend Daddy Lumba is the one who exposed his talent and made him a star that he is today.

According to the “Emmanuella” hitmaker, he started his musical journey back in school where he was the entertainment prefect and a worship leader but often sneaked out of school for performance elsewhere.

He included that his achievement came as an unconstrained perfect mediation since he was removed from school for escaping and his ousting drove him to the legend Daddy Lumber who additionally was indefatigably looking for Ofori’s whereabout subsequent to tuning in to one of his melodies.

Ofori Amponsah further conjoined his cases with an explanation that, he was given an immense entirety of cash by Daddy Lumba at the principal sight they met and advised Amponsah to record more tunes with the cash given him and included that he Ofori Amponsah is a star.

Amponsah further uncovered that his experience with Daddy Lumba as his coach is the thing that made him remarkable in the midst of the many uprising vocalists in his time.

In Ofori Amponsah’s submission, he included that his disclosing in 1993 was completely made conceivable by Daddy Lumba his guardian.