Kwadwo Sarfo Jnr
Kwadwo Sarfo Jnr

Kwadwo Sarfo Jnr , son of Apostle Kwadwo Safo Kantanka has finally reacted to outbreak of Coronavirus , can report.

Undoubtedly , Sarfo Kantanka is one of the Greatest Scientist and Inventor Ghana has ever had , cam report.
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His Firm is noted for inventing Wonderful machines that Make Work easier and Faster . Aside that he is also noted as a technologist, herbalist, and a great farmer.

Infact , he is one of the names that came in the minds of Ghanaians when the Pandemic (Coronavirus ) Surfaced and reached the shores of the country , can report.

Guess What , He has finally promised Ghanaians to keep calm as they work around tirelessly to get a Vaccine for the Convid-19.

He however advised Ghanaians to observe all precautionary protocols given ,like Washing of Hands with soap and Water , using of Sanitizers and Social distancing.

Well a new tweet sighted by from the CEO read :

“My research team is working around the clock to come out with something very positive for this Covid-19. We should be able to do something about this. This isn’t bigger than we as Ghanaians. Remember to wash your hands. Sanitize and protect yourself.”

Sarfo Kantanka
Sarfo Kantanka

We know most Ghanaians can’t wait to have a vaccine for Coronavirus as our toll keeps on increasing by day.

Ghana has now recorded 52 positive corona virus cases with 2 deaths, reported.