In the past few days, Ghanaians were hot on the heels of Pastor Brian Amoateng, the President of the IYES and founder of Brian Jones Outreach concerning comments he made in a live video about hand sanitizers

His reply did not go down well with Ghanaians who had him at the neck. However, Pastor Brian displayed great maturity and released a video apologizing and clarifying his comments. It is in light of this that Dr. Sonnie Badu, the gospel musician has jumped to the defence of Pastor Brian Amoateng in a Post via his Instagram page, he said :

“His statement came out insensitive however, he saw his error and apologized severally. Ghana, let us not forget that for 5 years he has empowered the youth out of his own pocket I repeat out of his own pocket and I am a withness to this (we are talking thousands of dollars) .

IYES was birthed many potentials and given hope to the youth and I have seen the tears behind the scene on several occasions.For 5 years he has been bringing preachers, educators and fathers to empower The youth. That to me has been an amazing investment..

Pastor Brian has won several charitable awards, made uncountable donations behind closed doors. Please, please and please again let us seize fire, move on and not forget what he has done and is doing for the youth of Ghana. He is deeply sorry and we must let go .

To err they say is human, but to forgive is divine.