Obuor Allegedly tried to Sneak his Father's body out of the Morgue
Obuor Allegedly tried to Sneak his Father's body out of the Morgue

A Doctor Called Dr. Emmanuel Addipa-Adapoe who works at the Ridge Hospital has exposed and sent a stern Warning to Obuor over his late father’s body at the Ridge Morgue, nanansem.com can report.

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According to the doctor , Obuor tried to sneak out his late father’s body from the morgue very late in the night but unfortunately was caught on tape , nanansem.com can report.

He added that there are eye witnesses to confirm Obuor’s Presence at the Morgue very late in the Night.

He advised that , Obuor should stop the hooliganism and he must be called to Order, nanansem.com can report.

Narrating the Incident on Facebook , Dr. Addipa Adapoe posted :

”Please Tell the gentleman at the Centre of the Controversy of the COVID-19 spread at GARH that the CCTV cameras at the GARH picked him and there are eye witnesses who can attest to his coming in the thick of the night to try and sneak out the body of his father from the morgue.

Tell him to stop that hooliganism.

My advise.

Please call him to order.

We do not want to be angry.

Well, most people have descended heavily on the Former Musiga President for putting the Lives of Dozens Of Health Personnels And Patients in danger after lying about his father’s travelling records , nanansem.com can report.

Well reacting to the all these allegations Obuor has said God and his Father’s Spirit will speak for him, nanansem.com reported.