The Minister for Interior, Honorable Ambrose Dery has downplayed the panic buying exhibited by Ghanaians following the lockdown announcement in some areas in the country.

Ambrose Dery claimed, there’s no need for panic buying as markets remain open.

Speaking particularly on the mad rush for gas at the gas station and the overcrowding there he said:

“I’ve just gone around a few places today and there appears to be a misunderstanding about some of the things; the rush to buy things, the rush to buy food is totally unnecessary,” he told the parliamentary press corps on Saturday

“…the measures have made it possible that you can go to the market and buy food and wherever food is sold,”

“so the rush before the deadline is unnecessary”.

“Filling stations, gas stations are unnecessary crowded, they will remain open”

He also touched on the effect of many people crowding at the gas stations claiming it is wrong to “go with that crowd because it will cause fires.” He said “All I can tell you is that these measures are well thought out by the president. The security will do its work”.