The “16 years” hitmaker has lashed out on Pastors claiming they are fake for her own strange reasons.

The controversial singer is always begs to differ when it comes to religious issues and Theism. This is not the first time she has made known her views on a subject matter concerning religion.

Known for throwing jabs all the time, she questioned the essence of church buildings and pastors.

In a video she released via her official Instagram page, she talked about the pastors, religion and the connection to the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) plaguing the world at the moment.

Watch the video below:

“Good Morning Mzbelievers, I will like to ask the questions everyone is afraid to ask, Hate me or Love me, that’s you business but
LET’S ENGAGE AND SPEAK “TRUTH TO POWER” I’m not here to Baby Sit Your Feelings.

If Churches are being shut down for the purpose of saving lives.
Was there a need to have them in the first place?

Even church pastors are waiting for #CORONAVIRUS to clear so that they can continue healing the Sick!”

We need to wake up… Nobody can heal the sick, my opinion and I stand to be corrected if need be. If there’s someone you know why is he not going to Hospital and heal the sick as they claim to heal them in churches,
#IBelieveInGodWithin not in the Sky and not Fake! So far no one came out to save Lives, that’s because they are all Fake”