A Medical Doctor has explained the methods and possible outcomes concerning transmission in context of COVID-19 infection.

This came about as a result of the confusion and unanswered questions as to why Davido could test negative whilst his girlfriend; Chioma tests positive. The Nigerian Medical Doctor who goes by the Twitter username: @UgwunnaEjikem explained:

“How is Davido negative when so and so tested positive” A small thread on the methods & possible outcomes concerning transmission in context of a COVID-19 infection. RT so others learn. It is chiefly transmitted two ways;
a) Droplet Transmission
b) Contact Transmission

Droplet Transmission: This occurs when you’re within 3 feet of an infected person SHOWING RESPIRATORY SYMPTOMS e.g coughing or sneezing & so pick the virus up via your exposed eyes, mouth & nose. Note the emphasis on “showing respiratory symptoms”…not just being within 3 feet.

Contact Transmission : This occurs when a person contracts the infection by handling objects an infected person has already handled & then touching the mucosae(eyes mouth & nose).E.g an infected person coughs into palm & opens door, non infected person closes door & pokes nose.

Now as you can clearly see. If you stand within 3 feet of a COVID 19 patient with NO RESPIRATORY SYMPTOMS and you shake him just immediately after he sanitized his hands…it is absolutely unlikely for you to get infected.Which is why we ask everybody to keep sanitizing hands”

Its not transmitted by ordinarily handshaking…there has to be infected droplets on the palm. “Davido’s immunity stronger than Athletico defence” Another fallacy. A strong immunity don’t prevent you from contracting it, it only makes it easier for your body to fight it.

So sanitize your hands incessantly. Eat fruits & veggies to boost immunity. Reduce alcohol & smoking…they lower immunity.

Stay >3feet away from anyone who is coughing or sneezing without a mask on. Eat good, hydrate better.

We’ll surely overcome this.”