preseke and fibroid 1

Tetrapleura tetraplera also known as “Prekese” in the Ghanaian dialect (Akan), “Aridan” has a sweetish taste and is accompanied by a nice smell. It is a four-pointed dried fruit and a good source of Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Steroids, and Phosphorous aside others. A few pieces of our healthily grown aridan in your favorite soups make it taste finger-licking good. Why do people cherish and link prekese and fibroid? Because the health benefit of prekese to fibroid is very miraculous to the individual. Why Miraculous? Because it’s found in the bible.

Health Benefits of Prekese

1. Cures Fibroid and Diabetes

Tetrapleura tetraptera or Uyayak is valuable in controlling fibroid and diabetes mellitus. Research has it that prekese organic product extricate was helpful in bringing down blood glucose levels in both fasting and nonfasting conditions.The stem and bark can be used to prepare herbal medicine to cure diabetes

2. Fever and Enema Treatment

Prekese gives quick alleviation from hot conditions. It likewise helps individuals experiencing stoppage, bowel purge, and emetic. An individual recuperating from an ailment is frequently approached to wash with water-drenched with entire organic products.

3. Curing Wounds

Prekese contains chemicals like flavonoids which are effective in curing wounds. locally the fluid concentrate from the organic product is utilized for recuperating which is demonstrated logically as well. To have the best impacts consistently utilize the natural product extricate in low fixation for mending wounds.

4. Cures epilepsy

The herbal mixture of the plant fruits, stems, leaves helps in controlling convulsions. The anticonvulsant attribute of this fruit has been very useful to control epilepsy patients. Consuming the fruit helps in stabilizing the nervous system also. 

5.  Antimicrobial

Prekese has microbial and antibacterial properties. Because of this capacity, the plant separate is used to make cleanser which is utilized for skin aggravation and bacterial disease on the skin. Aside from its restorative advantages, prekese additionally helps in frothing and cleanser solidifying just as adding flavor to the cleanser.

Prekese in the Bible   

There are a few spiritual uses of prekese, which are essentially gotten from its presence in the Bible. Prekese, otherwise called the Aidan natural product is accepted to bring great vibes and pursue away the underhanded phantoms and terrible spirits. Ghanaians, along these lines, consume this organic product, accordingly creating a solid smell that is liable for pursuing ceaselessly the insidious spirits. Furthermore, the plant is accepted to bring good luck and shield individuals from hurt. In Exodus 30:34 The Lords said to Moses,

Take sweet spices, stacte, and onycha, and galbanum, sweet spices with pure frankincense (of each shall there be an equal part)