Without any hesitation, it seems we find ourselves within a period of disses and Eno Barony has so much to show for it, nanansem.com confirm.

When Ghanaian rapper, Medikal notified his fans that he would be releasing ‘Nonsense ‘ on May 15,2020, many were those who thought and felt, he was going to take a swipe at Eno Barony or probably Freda Rhymz who are beefing Sista Afia.

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As a result, Eno Barony also notified her fans of the release of ‘Force Dem To Play Nonsense ‘ as a reply to Medikal.

Medikal’s Nonsense is currently out and as should be expected, Eno Barony seems all set to unleash her song ‘Force Dem To Play Nonsense ‘ .

Based on a poster released on social media, it’s confirmed that she features Sister Derby and Strongman.

The relationship Sister Derby and Strongman has with Medikal is enough to give indications of the fire about to be unleashed.