Social media icon, Efia Odo has given an unimaginable response to a social media guy who has condemned having tattoos on the body, reports.

According to the guy who goes by the name Supremo on twitter, tattoos are against the Will of God.

He indicated that even though Efia Odo is misleading people so far having tattoos on the body is concerned, she is happily posting it on social media.

This feedback came from the gentleman after Efia Odo had put a post of herself getting a tattoo done on her butt.

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Efia Odo obviously not enthused about being told tattoos is against the Will of God ,she responded by telling the gentleman that his God seems to be villager.

She further thanked God noting that she does not serve the same God of the gentleman.

Efia Odo is certainly concerned with doing things in her own way that would make her happy and have pleasure from them.