Ghanaian comedian, DKB has refused to help a gentleman who needs some cash just because he has AMG as part of his name, reports.

So far as he has AMG as part of his name, it suggests that he owes his allegiance to the AMG Family which has the likes of Medikal, Criss Waddle, Armani and others.

Based on this, the comedian didn’t see the need to offer his help and as such directed him to go and ask either Medikal or Armani for the much-needed help.

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According to DKB, the gentleman accused him of being ‘chisel’ and wicked.

DKB further questioned how some people could be senseless asking for favours from some people even they owe their allegiance to others; in this case, their rivals.

There was no way the comedian was going to part with
his money as he has a beef against Medikal.

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Medikal dissed him in his song titled ‘Nonsense ‘ and DKB also dissed him back with ‘NovDec Rapper’.