Barcelona coach and Spain boss Luis Enrique has added his voice to the no fans to cheer the players on the football pitch.

Speaking to Spanish basketball show Colgados del Aro, Enrique added: “Playing matches without supporters is sadder than dancing with your sister.”

“It’s very ugly,” said former Barcelona boss Enrique, 50.

“I watched the German football and it’s lamentable. You can hear the insults and you lose the intimacy of the great moments.”

The Spain boss added that, he understood why football has to be played behind closed doors with social distancing measures in place, and that it could help supporters currently in lockdown because of the pandemic.

“This is a global business that generates a lot of money and even though the spectacle is very different to when you play with people, it can help us pass the time during confinement and get through this,” he added.

“If you are a fan of football or basketball, then watching a match is always interesting.”