Patapaa and Queen Peezy
Patapaa and Queen Peezy

Patapaa’s Ex-Girlfriend , Queen Peezy has heaped Praises on the Swedru Based Hiplife Artiste for being as Pro in the Bedroom , can report .

According to Queen Peezy , the ‘One Corner ‘ hit maker can give you different S3x Styles and use Different S3x Positions to make you feel special Like a Woman , can report.

Speaking on Angel TV , the dumped Ex-Girlfriend of Patapaa revealed that , He (Patapaa) has a medium but strong manhood that could give every woman the pleasure she needs from her man , can report.

” I won’t lie to you, but Patapaa can last for two to three hours in bed. When I go to his place, I put my phone off for the bouts that can take hours . Patapaa dishes out different styles to me and that made me feel like a real woman.”, She revealed .

According to Her , even though she has moved on , She expects Patapaa to forgive her if she has wronged him in any way , can report .

On the other hand Patapaa is currently dating a German Lady who is reportedly Pregnanant for Him.

The Swedru Based Rapper has said he would be a father Soon , can report.