Ghanaian comedians,DKB and Comedian Warris have confirmed that the supposed beef between them is a prank, can confirm.

According to them, their supposed beef has exposed the love the Ghanaian media has for negativity or negative news for that matter.

What this means is that there isn’t any bad blood between the two comedians.

About two days, Comedian Warris stormed social media accusing DKB of not paying him some cash after working for him.

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He also noted that DKB had blocked him on whatsapp and has refused to pick up his calls.

DKB also responded by issuing a warning to Comedian Warris to desist from his outburst and offer him some respect.

He even asked him to take up to the manufacturing of nose masks due to Coronavirus if he is angry.

At this stands now, the whole beef is nothing but a prank.