Kwabena Manasseh has taken his anger to popular man of God Oduroand calls him a rude and a fake pastor who goes about impregnating girls can confirm.

Speaking on Net 2 TV, Kwabena Manasseh Boateng labelled the leader and founder of the Alabaster International Ministries Prophet Kofi Oduro as a fake man of God and also a womanizer who goes about impregnating girls.

On live Net 2 TV, Manasseh Boateng alleged that Kofi Oduro has impregnated a lot of girls at Tesano and that he will expose him if he dares challenge him.

He also revealed how Prophet Oduro disgrace him in front of his wife Mrs Rita Oduro when he went to him to confess his sins.

Recall Kwabena Manasseh? This is the same person who confessed of raping his blood sister for power and wealth on Net 2 TV.

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