Ghanaian artiste, Kwesi Arthur seems to be receiving massive and positive reviews all over the place after his performance at the Billboard Live-At Home Performance, reports.

Without any doubt, he serves as one of the best export commodities of Ghana so far as music is concerned.

He commenced his performance with ‘Kill My Spirit ‘ as he felt so much at home from the Ground Up Chale Studios in Ghana.

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He was in total control of his performance and followed up with ‘ Back On The Wall’ as he made a mark on all those who watched him as part of Billboard’s Platoon Africa Artist Showcase initiative.

He also performed some songs off the ‘This Is Not The Tape, Sorry 4 The Wait ‘ album and on the whole, Kwesi Arthur pushed himself a notch higher in the eyes of the international music market.

It’s hoped that this opportunity offered Kwesi Arthur who spearhead other Ghanaian artistes to be on the same platform as well.