So far as the beef between Freda Rhymz and Sista Afia has ended, a collaboration would soon be a possibility as Afia is ready to offer a free verse.

As a matter of fact, fans of the two female artistes as well as music lovers are eager for a collaboration.

So far as a collaboration is concerned, It seems Sista Afia has no problem whatsoever collaborating with her female colleague on a song and that is evident on a post on social media.

When asked by a fan if a collaboration with Freda Rhymz should be expected, she stated that she is willing and ready to give her a free verse anytime she calls on her.

She however indicated that Freda Rhymz should exhibit humility anytime she wants to request for a collaboration from her.

Would Freda Rhymz take advantage of the mileage she has gained due to the beef and request for a collaboration from Sista Afia or even from Eno Barony?

Time would tell…