The Chief Executive Officer of RuffTown Records,Bullet has taken to social media to register his displeasure as his song has been used as a movie soundtrack without his permission.

According to him, Theophilos Baah was the brother of Ahkan, his partner during the Ruff N Smooth era.

At that time , Theophilos informed them of the fact that a movie company in America had shown interest in using one of their songs as its movie soundtrack.

According to Bullet, even though he did not hear anything more with regards to the movie company, he has just realized that their song has been used as the soundtrack of the movie which is now out.

Unfortunately, his permission was not sought for and he did not see any legal contract that gives the movie company the right to use the song.

Bullet further indicated that Theophilos Baah ,has taken a huge amount of money for the song from the movie company.

He reiterated that he feels so disrespected and cheated and wants to seek for justice.