Ghanaian female artiste, Wendy Shay has for the first time in her music career opened up on the kind of songs she produces and have indirectly described them as sinful.

Following the slight movement of the earth on two occasions yesterday,the beautiful talented artiste and hit maker, has promised not to sing supuu again adding that Jesus should forgive her of all her sins.

The basic understanding is that if indeed Wendy Shay’s songs are pleasant unto God and please him, why then would she ask for forgiveness for the kind of songs she does.

It’s because she knows within her heart that her songs aren’t acceptable unto God and it is because of that she is now seeking for forgiveness.

In as much as the movement of the earth has ended and the world is still in existence, it’s pretty obvious that Wendy Shay would turn to her old sinful ways and continue releasing more supuu songs.