Former manager of award-winning Ghanaian Reggae Dance hall artiste ,Stonebwoy, Blakk Cedi seems unperturbed by certain comments his former boss has passed about him.

On June 27,2020 Stonebwoy made an appearance on United Showbiz and made some statements with respect to Blakk Cedi.

According to Stonebwoy, he is the one who made Blakk Cedi who he is now adding that if he had not chosen to work with him, no one would have known him as a manager.

He also noted that it is because of the good heart he has and his resolve to throw the light on all those who work with him to the media that has helped Blakk Cedi to attain his current height.

He further indicated that initially Blakk Cedi was just his Road Manager but had to stop working with him due to certain reasons he didnt want to spell out.

In response to all that Stonebwoy said on the show, Blakk Cedi has also taken to social media to indirectly respond and say a word to Stonebwoy.

According to him, the real man smiles in trouble ,gathers strength from distress and grows brave by reflection.

Interestingly,Blakk Cedi also posted a video of himself with a friend and had smiles all over his face.

To make it obvious that the post was directed at Stonebwoy, Kelvynboy commented under the post with an emoji indicating that he agrees with Blakk Cedi’s statement.