Former Occultist, Ama Born Again has disclosed that years back, she got married to a white man in the water world.

She noted that she was informed that her husband was in the waterworld when she once visited a river around Akosombo for some rituals in the company of a Pastor.

Eager to get married to him, she prepared herself and went back to the river with some of her friends.

Ama Born Again indicates that right in the river, she got married to her husband, Dr. Jaa after which she was given a name to signify her status as wife of Dr. Jaa.

She indicates that between 12 midnight and 3 am, the marriage ceremony was held in the river witnessed by so many other people.

According to her, in several instances, her husband who stays in the waterworld came to visit her in her house and likewise she also visits him in the waterworld.