Former occultist, Ama Born Again has made a surprising statement with regards to so many cosmetics and clothes that are sold in our markets.

According to her, Ghanaians need to be very careful of certain items such as cosmetics as well as clothes that are sold in the markets.

Ama Born Again indicates that most of these items are brought from the sea almost all the time adding that the existence of an evil world under the sea is true and factual.

She noted that these items are transported in huge trucks from the sea deep in the night adding that most taxi drivers who work very late in the night along the beaches would attest to she is saying.

Ama Born Again made these known on The Seat on Net 2TV.

She also mentioned that due to her experience in whatever happens in the world under the sea, she is very careful of where she buys cosmetics and clothes from especially as most of such items are from the sea.