Ghanaian musician and social media icon, Archipalago has taken the Akuapem Poloo issue just too far and has accused her of chopping her own son.

He has unfortunately made a serious allegation against Akuapem Poloo.

He has taken to social media to raise concerns about the fact that he believes that Akuapem Poloo has been sleeping with her own son.

In as much as Akuapem Poloo’s act of posting that distasteful picture on social media has been condemned, the allegation of incest perpetrated by Akuapem Poloo is quite unfortunate, absurd and unthinkable to say the least.

How could Akuapem Poloo be sleeping with her own son?

Doesn’t she have any man in her life to make her happy at anytime?

Meanwhile, Archipalago has also indicated that Ghanaian celebrities are so much engrossed in trending on social media.

He stressed that they concentrate so much on trending but do not put in so much of hardwork so far as their is concerned.