Ghanaian actress and musician ,Akuapem Poloo has taken to social media to confirm that veteran Ghanaian actress, Grace Omaboe popularly known as Maame Dokono is a very strict woman.

Regardless of how strict she is , Akuapem Poloo has also indicated that Maame Dokono is also a strong woman who always wants the best for everyone.

She has explained why most of the time , she always rests her head on the shoulders of the veteran actress whenever they are on set together.

For her, putting her head on the shoulders of Maame Dokono was a way of tapping into her blessings .

She indicated that with the blessings derived from Maame Dokono, she is sure she would go further in life even though some of her actions and inactions hurt Maame Dokono.

Akuapem Poloo who took to social media to make these known also took the opportunity to apologise Maame Dokono for some of her actions.

She has also confessed that being very close to the veteran actress has helped her tremendously and has helped her to attain her present status in the entertainment industry.