A former member of The Militants which was formed by Shatta Wale , Joint 77 has issued a stern warning to all Shatta Movement fans.

According to him, he doesn’t understand why some SM fans keep on adding him to several Shatta Wale WhatsApp groups .

He is even more baffled because Shatta Wale has already asked the SM fans never to add him or any of the other sacked members of The Militants.

Without further questioning, it is clear that all is not well in the SM camp and the future of The Militants is uncertain.

Shatta Wale had to break up the group on the grounds that the members were just lazy and did not want to work hard to achieve success on the music scene.

Unfortunately ,Joint 77 further indicated that at the time when he was even an active member of The Militants and was also in good terms with Shatta Wale, he had wanted to opt out of all the WhatsApp because he didn’t see anything useful from those WhatsApp groups.

When The Militants broke up, many people felt with time, the guys would go and apologise to Shatta Wale and start work all over again but considering the utterances of Joint 77, it doesn’t look like The Militants have any future with Shatta Wale or Shatta Movement anytime soon.