Popular Ghanaian actor ,Prince David Osei has taken to social media to warn his NDC friends about the dirty way they deal in politics.

As a matter of fact, he seems not to be taking things not lightly at all as he has been threatened.

According to him, it is alright for any NDC member to disagree with him on any issue so far as politics is concerned .

However, he maintains that no one has the right to attack or threaten him in any way and should that happen, he would defend himself with all that he has.

Prince David Osei has noted that for the past few days, he has endured so much threats, insults and attacks adding that if anyone fighting for a man who doesn’t even know he exists, should make the mistake of attacking him, he would retaliate as he is not as soft as people think.

He has also disclosed that he grew up in the likes of Kokomlemle,tiptoe lane ,Nima and Adabraka and it is only stardom that has humbled him.

He insists that for the sake of democracy, people should respect and love each other even if they disagree on certain issues in the country.

He however warned that some people would be shocked at his reaction whenever they try to attack him again.