As a matter of fact the issue of having the Auditor- General proceeding on leave is bringing up so many concerns with respect to corruption.

If indeed the Auditor-General Domelevo was really doing well in the fight against Corruption why then was he asked to proceed on leave with so many unanswered questions and under bizarre circumstances.

In all these, the integrity of President Nana Akufo Addo has been questioned with respect to the fight against corruption.

The National Democratic Congress’ Felix Ofosu Kwakye has once again reacted to the Domelevo’s issue.

He has taken to social media to suggest that President Akufo Addo fears or he is scared of the work that Domelevo was doing as Auditor-General.

If not so , he would not have been asked to proceed on leave.

He is also suggesting that the President is deliberately preventing the Auditor-General from doing his work and based on this , Felix Ofosu Kwakye insists that the President cannot in any way claim he is not corrupt or does not encourage corruption.